mycabz claims cheapest after Uber hike | FT Online yesterday claimed it was the cheapest taxi service following upward revision in fare by Uber for rides above 10 kilometres.

A spokesman for mycabz (, a cross-platform hailing app, Krishan de Alwis in a statement said for an 11 km ride on its service will cost only Rs. 605, about Rs. 127 cheaper than UberGO’s cost of Rs. 732 and on a 15km ride the saving was Rs. 155.

Uber said from 1 December would charge Rs. 42 per km for rides above 10 km as against base fare of Rs. 30 per km and Rs. 2 per minute for those under 10KM. Uber said the “marginal” revision was to justify partner economics.

Mycabz-Buddy applies a fare of Rs. 40 per km and Rs. 1.5 per minute. It also claimed its luxury service was cheaper compared with UberX.